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Feature Workflow

Features on go through various phases before being released into production.

The Diagram above gives you a little Idea how the workflow works.

New Features have to go through Jira first before any development starts - This way we can ensure the new feature is useful and worth the development.

  1. Development via the development environment first, meaning do checks if \ENVIRONMENT === ‘development’ (if editing core) and put templates or code into the _dev folder

    Templates in this folder only show up in the development environment

    Code in this folder only gets executed in development environment

  2. If feature request gets further approval, move the files to the _staging folder and make changes accordingly

    Templates in this folder will be shown in the staging environment. If the _dev folder does not override any files, they will be shown in development as well

    Code in this folder will be executed in staging environment. If the _dev folder does not override any files, they will be executed in development as well

  3. The feature request got further approval? Good, time to create an experiment.
    Create a new folder in includes/_experiments and templates/_experiments

    The folder name has to follow a specific naming scheme, all uppercase, no special characters except underscores.


    Lets day its the May 2021 and you want to show a new downloads page, the name would be

  4. Lastly if the experiments pass as well, we release into production.
    Simply move the files in your experiment folder into the _PROD folder and make changes accordingly.

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