Features on http://tosdr.org go through various phases before being released into production.

The Diagram above gives you a little Idea how the workflow works.

New Features have to go through Jira first before any development starts https://tosdr.atlassian.net/jira/software/c/projects/CRISP/issues/ - This way we can ensure the new feature is useful and worth the development.

  1. Development via the development environment first, meaning do checks if \ENVIRONMENT === ‘development’ (if editing core) and put templates or code into the _dev folder

  2. If feature request gets further approval, move the files to the _staging folder and make changes accordingly

  3. The feature request got further approval? Good, time to create an experiment.
    Create a new folder in includes/_experiments and templates/_experiments

    The folder name has to follow a specific naming scheme, all uppercase, no special characters except underscores.


    Lets day its the May 2021 and you want to show a new downloads page, the name would be

  4. Lastly if the experiments pass as well, we release into production.
    Simply move the files in your experiment folder into the _PROD folder and make changes accordingly.